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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dual Booting On USB Flash Disk (2 operating system on UFD?)

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Base on recent tutorials about Slax and BartPE......How to gather them in one UFD?

lets start...
1. First, make your USB Flash Disk bootable with BartPE loaded on it. as in recent tutorial "BartPE on USB Flas Disk"
2. Then, make your USB Flash Disk bootable with Slax Linux loaded on it. as in recent tutorial "Operating System SLAX LINUX on USB Flash Disk (UFD)"
3. After step 1 and step 2 applied, then You should do some following actions:
- edit slax.cfg.....something like this...

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Install BartPE on USB Flash Disk (UFD)

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In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to install Bart's PE or Win PE to USB Flashdisk.

The installation process can be done in several ways, and here is the more simple one, I think. Let’s begin....

First, we are going to download some stuff below:

- HP USB Format Tool
- PEbuilder
- Pe2usb
- Bootsect.exe
- 7-Zip or other archive tools

1. Extracting and installing
1.a Extract Pebulider
In my case, I extract to D:\Pebuilder
1.b Extract Pe2usb
In my case, I extract to D:\Pebuilder
1.c Install HP USB Format Tools

2. Starting PeBuilder

3. Formatting USB Flashdisk

4. Starting PE2USB
at this point, You have to choose the source : (path to windows installation files), so you should use windows Xp SP2 or later

5. Update Your USB Flashdisk with FAT Filesystem Bootcode

Open a Dos window. Just click on “Start” – “Run” – and type "CMD" and click on OK.
gambar cmd.png
go to the directory where "bootsect.exe" is.
in my case, D:\bootsect\
in CMD window type "bootsect.exe /nt52 J:" ( "J:" is the drive letter of my USB Flashdisk, so change that to suit your case.

6. Finnaly, reboot your PC/notebook then setting your BIOS to boot from USB-HDD

Good Luck............

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